In a skylight-covered workshop

located close to Sacré-Coeur Cathedral on the scenic hillsides of Montmartre, pieces of gilded and sculpted wood are pampered with the utmost care during their new venture to this Fountain of Youth. Following in her fathers’ footsteps, who was wood gilder himself in Montmartre for decades, Laurence Gillery established herself in 1984, reviving all the lustre and charm of gilded wood artefacts she keeps restoring with passion.

The smile of Laurence Gillery illuminates her boutique, amidst angels and statues. For more than thirty years, she has plied the trade passed down from her father, antique dealer and gilder, in an area that at the time was filled with small crafts shops and second-hand stores. Today, the "boutique of gilded wood" is a true survivor, surrounded by the trendy fashion boutiques of the rue des Martyrs.

Discover the article in "Trouvailles"  in 1979 with Laurence Gillery and her father.